through the fog of war

Data & analysis of
worldwide armed conflicts

In a constantly changing world full of threats and uncertainties, fast paced reliable information provides direction and opportunity. Force Analysis delivers that information, through a strong tradition in military analysis and intelligence methodology.

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Unrivaled Data

Force Analysis provides details and understanding of active armed conflicts based on persistently generated structured data. Our proprietary methodology combines all-source collection and data warehousing capabilities with expert analysis to present near real-time insights on active conflict theaters.

In addition to our open source collection activity, we draw from commercial satellite imagery analysis and on-the-ground micro-tasking to offer a level of reliability unrivaled in our field. The meticulous analysis of individual conflict incidents, noting trends and shifts in active theaters, provides practical insights for decision makers at any level.

More about our platform

Our platform

At Force Analysis, we believe the real utility of the information we provide is in the way our customers are able to apply it. In addition to allowing users to discover and analyze our data through our user friendly and interactive proprietary platform, we also provide numerous other methods for data to be exported and communicated.

This way, our customers can get the best use of our data and insights by consuming it in a shape and form that fits their own needs and existing processes. In addition to custom automated email briefings and numerous file types compatible with industry standards for geographic information systems and data analysis software, Force Analysis also provides API access that feeds our data directly into our customer’s proprietary systems.

Analysis by Experts

In addition to data on individual incidents within conflicts, Force Analysis also provides higher level insights and analysis to help assess risk and opportunities. Through the identification of trends or shifts within conflict theaters, and the study of notable events within armed conflicts, customers are able to access a nuanced and practical understanding of developments in their environment.

Force Analysis provides the expertise and experience required to support immediate effective decision making, as well as longer term awareness and understanding.

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