Yemen: War Amongst Divided Alliances

The current conflict in Yemen has stagnated over the past two years. Even though gains have been made on the ground, no decisive ground movements towards the capital Sanaa, or towards breaking the back of the Houthi militancy have materialized. A perpetual air campaign has been striking Houthi rebels and their allies on a daily basis since the start of the intervention, but still only limited progress is made. The main events in Yemen over the past year have perhaps not been of a military nature, but instead the evolution of the shaky alliances on both sides of the conflict.

Where is the conflict in Yemen headed?

Find out more in our detailed analysis that addresses the following topics:

  • The status of the Houthi and government alliances
  • Developments on important frontlines within Yemen
  • Core capabilities of the Saudi led alliance and Houthi forces
  • The threat of violent extremist organizations

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