through the fog of war

Force Analysis delivers fast paced reliable information, through a strong tradition in military analysis and intelligence methodology.
Practical insights for decision makers

Conflict & Defense

Force Analysis specializes in the expert analysis of active conflicts and defense challenges through data driven exploration of events, trends and structures. 

Our capabilities provide assistance in deriving insights on the security environment or operational challenges within active conflicts, as well as in supporting planning and development of defense capabilities.
Higher level insights & analysis


Force Analysis approaches analytical problems from a broad geopolitical context, drawing on global political, security, socio-economic, and environmental factors to contextualize strategic developments.
Data driven analytical insights

Our platform

The Force Analysis platform allows users to discover and analyze incident level conflict data through our user friendly and interactive proprietary interface.

Our platform provides access to events and trends within conflict areas in a structured manner that saves numerous hours of research and offers up critical insights in only a few clicks.
Accurate and Reliable Analysis

Our methodology

At Force Analysis, we pride ourselves in the strong foundation of intelligence methodology that underwrites our analytical activities.

The meticulous application of modern analytical models and intelligence production processes allows us to provide our customer with verifiable and reliable products.