Conflict & Defense

Analytical Services

Force Analysis offers finished analytical products in various delivery formats to help our customers understand and navigate their security environment.

We provide the expertise and experience required to support immediate effective decision making, as well as longer term awareness and understanding.

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Our Platform

The Force Analysis platform allows users to discover and analyze incident level conflict data through our user friendly and interactive proprietary interface that also provides numerous other methods for data to be exported and communicated.

Our platform provides access to events and trends within conflict areas in a structured manner that saves numerous hours of research and offers up critical insights in only a few clicks.

Imagery Analysis

The analysis of satellite imagery, along with other forms of geographic intelligence, is a key asset in our approach to evidence based analysis of active conflicts and military capabilities.

Through in-house expertise and industry partnerships, Force Analysis is able to provide customers with high resolution commercial satellite imagery as well as integrate them into finished intelligence products.


In addition to finished analytical products and advisory services, Force Analysis also offers training sessions and workshops to support our customer's in-house capabilities.

Our tailored workshops cover various aspects of analysis on active armed conflicts, military operations, and defense planning.